Contemporary Business Issues II


Serkan Yılmaz Kandır (ed)


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  • Financial Education Phases Affecting Fınancial Literacy
    Adem Özbek
  • Priceless Value Of Turkey: Ethics And Corporate Philanthropy
    Bekir Kul
  • Does Economic Policy Uncertainty Affect the Banking Credit Risk in Emerging and Developing Europe?
    Bilge Canbaloğlu, Gözde Gürgün
  • Examination Of Succesion Planning According To Strategic Human Resources Perspective, With The Approach Of Human Resources Management In Business Continuity Management
    Fatih Yaman
  • Management Practices For Business Continuty During The Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis Period
    Hakan Yılmaz
  • Strategic Human Resources Management In Global Aviation Sector From Past To Future
    Halil Şimşek
  • A Systematic Literature Review Of Green Supplier Selection Practices
    Mehmet Ali Taş, Serap Akcan
  • Public Health Management Practices In Context Of Contingency Approach
    Sefer Aydoğan, Mehmet Kuruşçu
  • Managerial Effectiveness In Multicultural Global Business Environment
    Ufuk Başar


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4 Ekim 2021



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