Tüketici Karar Sürecinin Nöropazarlama İle Değerlendirilmesi: İleri Yaş ve Engelli Turizm Uygulamaları


Mehtap Eter


Today, businesses that want to increase their competitive power are in search of finding the way to the mind of the consumer.  Since the consumer mind is exposed to different stimuli at every moment, it becomes more difficult for the message to be delivered to the target audience. The messages that should be given especially for the senior and disabled travelers differ compared to other tourism branches. Traditional marketing research is insufficient to fully understand consumer behavior. The data obtained with neuromarketing research, which emerged as a new understanding in the field of marketing, helps to understand the real feelings and thoughts of the consumer. Neuromarketing focuses on capturing reality by understanding emotions. In this research, it is aimed to understand the remarkable aspects in advertising and promotion activities by analyzing the consumer decision-making process in senior and disabled tourism. For this purpose, the visual efficiency of the displayed pictures was tried to be determined by the Eye-Tracking technique.The experimental study, which was carried out on 15 visuals and 30 participants, was also tried to understand the emotions and thoughts of the participants with the in-depth interview technique, which is one of the qualitative research methods. As a result of the research, it has been determined that the elderly and disabled people have different interests on the images, large font texts and different color transitions attract attention. In the qualitative study findings, the lack of privileged care services for the elderly disabled tourism, foreign language problem, inadequate advertisements and promotions were determined as the most frequently repeated expressions.


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19 Mart 2024



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