Current Researches in Educational Sciences VI



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  • Mathematical Concept Development and Number Sense
    Ersin Palabıyık
  • An Investigation of the Relationship between the Level of Social Support and the Attitudes of Teamwork among Teachers Working in Special Education Schools
    Yunuscan Olgun, Pelin Piştav Akmeşe
  • An Investigation of Relation Between Special Education Teachers’ Psychological Resilience, Self-Efficacy, and Attitudes Toward Seeking Psychological Help
    Pelin Piştav Akmeşe, Bayram Keçili
  • Teachers’ Opinions on the Use of Games in Mathematics Education: A Case Study
    Ebru Ergül, Zeynep Bahar Erşen
  • Women and Education in Türkiye in the Context of CEDAW
    Yasemin Esen, Hasan Yıldız


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4 Nisan 2023



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