Diagnostic Significance of Metabolic and Clinical Parameters in Disease Monitoring


Abdullah Tuli


Nowadays numerous modern monitoring and marker parameters of the functional state of the body and general homeostatic functions have appeared. The use of a wide range of new monitoring indices and markers with diagnostic and prognostic purposes requires analytical substantiation and compilation of them in disorders of metabolism and energy supply that may accompany the development of various diseases and pathological conditions. However, comprehensive analytical multisystem evaluation of disorders of homeostatic functions in various diseases and pathological conditions, using monitoring, metabolic parameters of the whole organism, organs, systems, and functions, has not yet been elaborated. This fact contributes to the appearance of this analytical manual that includes the use of scientifically based monitoring and marker indices for diagnosing disorders and pathological conditions of protein, lipid, carbohydrate, mineral, nucleic acid, water and salt, hormonal and pigment metabolism, acid-base balance, hemostasis, tumor and pregnancy markers, and enzymatic systems.



8 Haziran 2022



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